Announcements! I will be making an entirely new series, entirely on a different website due to limitations on fandom! Have fun!

Act 1:The Note Desolation plays

Act 2:Raise of the Conductor's Baton

Act 3:Insane Corkscrew Haymakers

Intermission"Don't bleed on the suits"

Act 4:Flight of the Paradox Clones

Act 5

Act 5 act 1:MOB1US DOUBL3 R43H4ROUND

Act 5 act 2:He is already here

Intermission 2:The man in the Cairo overcoat

Act 6

Act 6 act 1:Through broken glass

Act 6 intermission 1:Corpse party

Act 6 act 2:Your shit is wrecked.

Act 6 intermission 2:Penis ouija

Act 6 act 3:Nobles

Act 6 intermission 3:Ballet of the dancestors

Act 6 act 4:Void

Act 6 intermission 4:Dead

Act 6 Act 5:Of gods and tricksters

Act 6 intermission 5:I'M PUTTING YOU ON THE SPEAKER CRAB link, i'll fix later)

Act 6 act 6 act 1:HOMOSUCK

Act 6 act 6 intermission 1:Stardust

Act 6 act 6 act 2:LOSHIT

Act 6 act 6 intermission 2:theres problems

Act 6 act 6 act 3:GODS GIFTS TO THE YAOIS

Act 6 act 6 intermission 3:GAME OVER


Act 6 act 6 intermission 4:F1X TH1S

Act 6 act 6 act 5:MASTERPIECE

It truly is a masterpiece.

Act 6 act 6 intermission 5:She's 8ack

Act 6 act 6 act 6:Collide

Act 7:The rapture

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