Chapter 1: The beginning Redo

It seems to be a normal day outside. People are happy, cities are prospering. Bajiwolf, one of the best generals in the world is relaxing in his office, due to the fact that EVERYTHING is peaceful. All was bliss, until a solider barged in to Bajiwolf's office

Solider:"General Bajiwolf! Sound the alarm! Ghouls are attacking!"

Bajiwolf:"What?! They haven't done such an idiotic tactic in a while!?"

Bajiwolf smashes the alarm

Bajiwolf:"Get as much forces as you can. I'll get the troops!"

The alarm has been sounded, Tiger tanks, Sturmtigers and Panzer IV ausf Hs charge to attack the ghouls.

Meanwhile, at the ghouls side.

Bloodee:"Why are we attacking this base again? OwO"

Kaneki:"Ugh. Not this again. Lemme guess, your retardedness is acting up again."



Bloodee:"stop hurting my feelings brother :("

Meanwhile at Sean's side. Sean and Pizza were riding a futuristic jet

Pizza:"Hm, how longer till we reach Bajiwolf?"

Sean:"Not too long. Though I sense impediments along the way.... LIKE THAT ONE!"

Sean points to the battlefield

Pizza:"This may be ha-"

Suddenly, Bloodee's kagune grabs the jet

Sean:"BAIL! BAIL!"

Both Sean and Pizza jumped out of the jet with their parachutes.

Bloodee:"but I want to eat chu :("

Pizza fires a laser pistol at Bloodee's face

Sean traps Bloodee in a ball

Bloodee:"This gives me deja vu."

Sean:"Shut up ghoul. We're containing you for the sake of-"

Pizza:"Why would you say it out loud?"

Baji:"Hold it."

Both Sean and Pizza stared at Baji

Baji:"I'll deal with the ghoul."

Sean released Blood, and Blood gains an insane blood lust.

Blood:"FOOD... FOOD."

Kaneki:"Looks like my Bro's ghoul side has finally awoken.. Hehe. I'm so PROUD of him."

Blood jabbed Baji's stomach, however Baji pulled out a sword


Baji stabbed Baji, and the two fought for a whil