I decided to abandon the wikia, this is because I lost all motivation on it. When I first made it I was so motivated for it to grow. But as time grew, I started loosing motivation as it grew to almost nowhere and becomes more and more inactive and illogical. I then gave up on it, so do not expect anything from me

Important update part 2

So, why the fuck do you want this wikia to continue updating? It never gets updated too. Also this isn't even roleplaying anymore. Anyways, I memed this page in to oblivion, have fun trying to fix it...

also you should go check out my secret project

So apparently a number of us are dead.

Yo. Deyvan Salez here, and i've officialy quit the wikia. Why? I have no motiviation to work on it, and why should I have motivation anyways? This wikia is dead anyways, and I won't be contributing to it any further. Peace y'all.

Unless you actually want this to stay. Then vote on this poll

Should this wikia live?(or should Deyvan stay)

The poll was created at 09:08 on September 2, 2017, and so far 5 people voted.

Welcome to the TheBeastNamedSean's Roleplay Wikia

Hello, this is where me and my friends have adventures, want to know announcements and updates for our wikia? Join this discord then!

(No perma link, you have to message one of the creators(Bajiwolf, Blood, and Another one of those fans)

Link to tehh roleplay!

Guild members

Main characters, case anyone forgets

  • Sean the memer- The mage, and the leader
  • Bajiwocancer The best general in the world, also co leader
  • Blood and he doesn't watch Jojo-he demi god, also co leader
  • 3 Cheese Pizza- The mechanic. Also founder
  • Rolex- The ghoul
  • Sapoopuya?- The female ghoul
  • Jane Crocker- The female mechanic
  • Kek- The female mage
  • StraWWW SAMMY CLASSICC SONIC FAN RETURNS(berry)- The shapeshifter
  • Debb- The support mage
  • Woll AKA Donald Trump's son- The second best general in the world
  • Jake English- ???

Reboot members(Currentely

  • SEAN CENA-The prodigy Mage, has potential and is aiming to be the Grand Mage, the king of all Mages, and also the strongest(16)
  • 10000 Cheese Pizza-The mechanic(17)
  • Gay Bajiwolf-Currently a General with a small army(28)
  • Still doesn't watch the anime Blood-A teenager who has Supernatural strength, and displays a wide variety of unexpected tactics(16)
  • Mario Mario- A man with a lot of swords(16)
  • LinkWddddddder(Short name is Link):A merchant, who is a prodigy Mage(17)
  • Nacho gay lol also he doesn't watch jojo-Blood's brother. Shares same abilities, but is slightly smarter(16)
  • Debob-Sean's little brother. Currently training as a Mage(14)
  • Kek 2 the future-Sean's girlfriend. Slightly weaker than Sean(16)
  • Pop tarts"Poptartssicles", A skilled Martial Artist and Firearms user with a strange plush that frightens his opponents in combat(16)
  • THE ENTIRE UNIVERSSE-A female Mage willing to learn more about the History of Earth(16)
  • Shadew- Idek

Important characters

  • Every Homestuck character.

Old Seasons

1.Seaon 1 is

2.Seaon 2

3.Season 3


Latest activity

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